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Now that we have entered the 21st century, we are faced with far-reaching changes in all spheres of society including the advancement of IT and Information Society, globalization of the economy and changes in people's value outlooks. Put another way, the conventional way of thinking and systems in all fields of society are undergoing a big change. Specifically, we see a significant increase in merger and consolidation of businesses and full-fledged entry of foreign capital business enterprises into the Japanese market. Then, too, we see entries from different business fields, development of partnerships that cut across conventional classification in mode and type of business through an active use of the latest information technologies such as the Internet. Indeed, we can say that the business environment has entered a period of drastic and overall changes.

In the future, business enterprise must adapt and change their form and mode of operation flexibility in accordance with the changes in the business market, and continue to create new values. In order to be able to develop new businesses and to solve problems that invariably come up in business, we believe that it is not only important to have the specialized knowledge for combining the best technologies in an optimal way for the given mission on hand, but also, to have on hand a powerful capability for action, a wealth of experience, deep insight, as well as foresight.

Therefore, we maintain close linkage with makers both in Japan and overseas in an on-real-time basis so as to be able to develop new technology, and products/uses; at the same time by quickly and actively grasping the needs of our customers, we ourselves will directly open up new business areas, and accumulate "fresh and live" know-how and provide it to our customers.

Also, in order to survive in this highly competitive business environment, we believe that we must win a high level of confidence and support from our customers anew.

In the future, we will fully concentrate our company's total strength, so that we can develop and improve products and services that are best suited to the increasingly diversified and sophisticated needs of our customers. To that end, we would like to ask for your continued cooperation and support.