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Company name
  Asakura Device Corporation
Start of business
  January 1988
Established as a company
  March 15 1990
Head office address
  1116-1 MAZE, ISE CITY,
MIE, 516-0002 JAPAN
President and representative director
  Toshiyuki Aramaki
  10,000,000 yen
Banks with transaction
  Mizuho Bank
Hyakugo Bank
Daisan Bank

January 1988
     It began business in Ise City, Mie as an individual, private business.
March 1990
  This individual, private business was succeeded by the establishment of Asakura Device Co., Ltd. with a total capital of 2,000,000 yen. The head office was established at 3-8-26 Miyajiri, Ise City, Mie.
April 1990
  Began manufacture of wire harness for special vehicles.
August 1990
  Began manufacture of automatic control equipment.
July 1995
  The company's capitalization is increased to 5,000,000 yen.
August 1995
  Acquired land in Maze in Ise City as the site for the company's Ise Works.
November 1996
  Ise Works completed.
September 1997
  Began to provide technical support service.
January 1999
  Started work on design of automatic welding equipment, and to provide related technical support service.
September 1999
  Began to provide logistic services on agency basis.
November 1999
  Established a joint venture company in Taiwan.
July 2000
  Increased company's capitalization to 10,000,000 yen. Moved the head office to 1116-1 Maze, Ise City. The main head office functions moved (administrative departments and sales departments).
August 2000
  The company reorganized itself as Asakura Device Corporation.
November 2002
  Developed and began sales of controller for Flat-bed label printing press.
February 2004
  Developed and began sales of controller for Intermittent rotary letterpress label printing machine.