Main Contents of Business
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The main contents of this company include the following:
System engineering, design, manufacture, and sale of various types of industrial machinery/equipment, and facilities and equipment.
Various types of industrial machinery directed toward specific enterprises.
Domestic transaction, import-export, and third-country trade of nonferrous metals, electronic and electrical equipment, and a broad range of similar machinery and related products.
Agency service in the area of information and logistics (physical distribution).
General dispatch of workers.
Provision of various types of other services.

In addition, the company is engaged in a broad range of business both in Japan and overseas, including investment activity, with an active diversification approach.

Product we handle
FA related field
@ ICs, Power modules, Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, Tantalum electrolytic capacitors, Plastic film capacitors, Snubber capacitors, Noise-filters
Electric Distribution Systems, Control Systems, Drive Systems
@ Drive control equipment
Inverters, AC servo motors, DD motors, DD linear actuators, Stepping motors, Synchronous motors, Standard 3-phase motors, Geared motors, Special purpose motors, Electromagnetic clutches/brakes, Reducers

Switching equipment, Low voltage receiving/distributing equipment
Magnetic contactors, Magnetic motor starters, Molded case circuit breakers,Earth leakage circuit breakers, Circuit protectors

Control equipment
Terminal blocks, Switching powers

Program control equipment, Network equipment
Programmable controllers, Wire saving systems

Power control equipment
Uninterruptible power supplies(UPS), Low voltage power capacitors

Vibrator equipment, Parts feeders, Various types of printers for industrial use, High-speed tube printers, High-speed terminal printers, Aluminum sheets

OA related field
@ ICs, Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, Tantalum electrolytic capacitors, Plastic film capacitors, Print heads, Thermal printers, Stepping motors, Press bearings, Micro clutches, Aluminum rollers